Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Home from tour

Tour was amazing. Thank you so much to everyone who booked a show, gave us a place to sleep, cooked us food, and hung out with us. We are out of the 7" repress and shirts, but the new record is in the works. When we get more details on it we will let you all know. We have a few shows coming up in early 2011. One 1/22 with Draize and one during the first weekend of February with White Guilt (if you haven't gotten their new LP, get it).

Thanks again to everyone who came out to shows last week.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Represses Are In

We got the covers of the 1st 7" repress in the mail today which means that the records are ready to go. New cover format, new color. You can order a 7" from us,
To Live A Lie, or pick one up from us on our up coming tour.
The December tour has come together pretty nicely and we are all really excited. We will be playing with some good friends of ours and playing cities we really love to be in. Here is all the info we have as of now. They will be updated as we get more info.

10-Philadelphia, PA @ The Marvelous. 40th and Walnut. 7 pm W/ Bonefolder, Layers Quake, Midol Threat.
11-Poughkeepsie, NY @ 150 College Ave
. W/Natural Law, Death First, and Black Wing
12-Amherst, MA @ Dad City. 665 West St. W/ Vaccine, Veloz, Divider, Shadow of A Doubt
13-Allston, MA @ The Butcher Shoppe. W/ Blood Krow Butcher
14-Montreal, QC @ Death Church 3067 Wellington St. 7 pm. W/Boneblack, Progression, Wombraider, Last Excuse
15-Toronto, ON @ Siesta Nouveaux 15 Lower Sherbourne Ave. W/ Endo, Direct Approach, Angry Days, and Black Faxes

16-Buffalo, NY @ Sugar City 19 Wadsworth St. W/ Lemuria and Inerds
17-Syracuse, NY @ 1003 East Fayette St. 6 pm W/ White Guilt, Shoppers, and Empty Threat.
18 Day - New York City @ ABC No Rio 3 pm. W/ 1913 Massacre, EEN Wolves
18 Night - Brooklyn, NY @ Stolen Sleeves Collective. 538 Johnson Ave. W/ Death First, Black Wing, and 1 TBA

Info on show as we get them.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Tour and Repress

The second week of December Deathrats will be embarking on a tour north, so that we can experience as much cold temperature as possible. We have mapped out a 9 day tour up the east coast into Canada for two shows and back down. If you live in any of these places and would like to help us out or know someone who can, please contact us at

Because we are still working on details to record our next record, it won't be ready for this tour. We decided, so that we have music for this tour and because we get emails pretty frequently asking for a record, that we are going to repress the 1st 7". Will from To Live A Lie Records has already put this into motion. As we get final details on that we will update you as well.

We are also out of medium shirts. Thanks for buying 'em. If you are a YL, Small, or Large and still want a shirt we still have some left.

Until next time,

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Paypal Up and running

Paypal button is up and running again. Use that to order shirts from now on.


Friday, September 17, 2010


We still have a bunch of shirts left over from our spring tour. We have sizes from Youth Large-Large. Every shirt order comes with one of our randomly colored patches. The shirts are $10 ppd. (If you don't live in the States, email us first) If you just want a patch e-mail us and we will figure something out.

Deathrats Shirt

Jeez! It has been a while

So some could say that a lot has happened since the last time we updated, but really I don't think there has been much going on. We played a few shows and have been slowly working on some new stuff. We were also interviewed in the September/October issue of MRR by our friends Will Butler and Gordy Tornado. As of now we have two shows coming up and one or two in the works. Outside of these shows we are taking sometime to 1. record for our next record and 2. recharge ourselves and motivations. We have all been working on new projects as well. Brad, Brian, and Christine are all in a band called State Violence, Christine is playing guitar in an awesome new band called Hot Mess, Brad is playing in a band called Teenage Hate and Brian and I are in two new bands one called Hubris and one called Pliant (or philistine or No graves, it's been a process). Brian and I have also started a record label called Hesitation Wound Records. Our first release is coming out pretty soon. We (Deathrats) are pretty excited to get our new stuff recorded as well as older stuff that has yet to be recorded. As plans for that roll in we will update you all.

Here are the shows we have coming up:
October 26th @ Everlasting Life
Burning Love (ex. Cursed/LFD/The Swarm)
The Gift
maybe more TBA?

December 11th @ Vassar College
Natural Law
Death First
Black Wing

Another show or two around the December 11th show are being talked about to make it a little weekend tour.

We are going to try to keep this updated as frequently as possible. That is as long as we are doing stuff working updating about.


Thursday, May 6, 2010


Monday, May 10th
at Electric Maid
268 Carroll St. NW
7 PM, 5-6 bucks

Deathrats (DC Punk)
Caulfield (CA Crust, Dark 'n Heavy)
Revolta (MD Doom/Thrash Militia)

there are some split records in the works w/
Raleigh, NC's brutal STRIPMINES on to live a lie rex
and DC pop punk dudes The Max Levine Ensemble
hopefully out before the end of the year.

Also, the first seven inch will be repressed so that
will be out sooner than later.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


back from tour...
thanks to all the bands we played with, people who hung out with us, fed us, booked a show, bought some music etc etc. it really made the week great for us!

we have some shows coming up in the month of april

April 1, 2010
@ the 3rd St. CO-OP

DETHRATS (dc punk)
STRIPMINES (nchc/mem. of devour/cross laws)
DEATH FIRST (nyc punk hc)
BRICK SHITTER (dc heaviness)
ECHIDNA (dc/rva short fast loud)

6 bones 7pm


Thursday April 29th
@Electric Maid
$7 8pm

ANS (headcount familia/Punk Crossover Ragers)
Altered State (metal militia)
Deathrats (hc/punk on tolivealie)
State Violence (new dchardcore mem. deathrats/sick fix)
Skin Failure

in other news...our 7"s and tapes are now completely sold out from us. i think will at to live a lie records has a handful of records left. we are talking about doing a small repress but who knows if they will see the light of day. we have a handful of new songs that are going to be on some sort of vinyl in the not so distant future along with some weekends in the northeast and an attempt to head south again. see you soon.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Midwest Tour! March 19 - 26, 2010

3/19 Philadelphia, PA
@ Kowabunga House

3/20 Columbus, OH
@ 15th House
369 E. 15th Ave.
w/ Black Dove, Penis Geyser, It Good

3/21 Detroit, Michigan
@ Trumbullplex
4208 Trumbull ave
w/ death in custody, death skin razors, live to kill

3/22 Grand Rapids, Michigan
33 Eastern SE
w/Damages, Scabburger, Hegemonicide

3/23 Milwaukee, WI @ Eagles Nest
825 E Center St
w/ Protestant, Parricide

3/24 Appleton, WI
@ The BFG
w/ Choose Your Poison

3/25 Chicago, IL
@ 2831 N. Kostner Ave
W/ Geffika, hate, regrets