Sunday, September 19, 2010

Paypal Up and running

Paypal button is up and running again. Use that to order shirts from now on.


Friday, September 17, 2010


We still have a bunch of shirts left over from our spring tour. We have sizes from Youth Large-Large. Every shirt order comes with one of our randomly colored patches. The shirts are $10 ppd. (If you don't live in the States, email us first) If you just want a patch e-mail us and we will figure something out.

Deathrats Shirt

Jeez! It has been a while

So some could say that a lot has happened since the last time we updated, but really I don't think there has been much going on. We played a few shows and have been slowly working on some new stuff. We were also interviewed in the September/October issue of MRR by our friends Will Butler and Gordy Tornado. As of now we have two shows coming up and one or two in the works. Outside of these shows we are taking sometime to 1. record for our next record and 2. recharge ourselves and motivations. We have all been working on new projects as well. Brad, Brian, and Christine are all in a band called State Violence, Christine is playing guitar in an awesome new band called Hot Mess, Brad is playing in a band called Teenage Hate and Brian and I are in two new bands one called Hubris and one called Pliant (or philistine or No graves, it's been a process). Brian and I have also started a record label called Hesitation Wound Records. Our first release is coming out pretty soon. We (Deathrats) are pretty excited to get our new stuff recorded as well as older stuff that has yet to be recorded. As plans for that roll in we will update you all.

Here are the shows we have coming up:
October 26th @ Everlasting Life
Burning Love (ex. Cursed/LFD/The Swarm)
The Gift
maybe more TBA?

December 11th @ Vassar College
Natural Law
Death First
Black Wing

Another show or two around the December 11th show are being talked about to make it a little weekend tour.

We are going to try to keep this updated as frequently as possible. That is as long as we are doing stuff working updating about.