Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Represses Are In

We got the covers of the 1st 7" repress in the mail today which means that the records are ready to go. New cover format, new color. You can order a 7" from us,
To Live A Lie, or pick one up from us on our up coming tour.
The December tour has come together pretty nicely and we are all really excited. We will be playing with some good friends of ours and playing cities we really love to be in. Here is all the info we have as of now. They will be updated as we get more info.

10-Philadelphia, PA @ The Marvelous. 40th and Walnut. 7 pm W/ Bonefolder, Layers Quake, Midol Threat.
11-Poughkeepsie, NY @ 150 College Ave
. W/Natural Law, Death First, and Black Wing
12-Amherst, MA @ Dad City. 665 West St. W/ Vaccine, Veloz, Divider, Shadow of A Doubt
13-Allston, MA @ The Butcher Shoppe. W/ Blood Krow Butcher
14-Montreal, QC @ Death Church 3067 Wellington St. 7 pm. W/Boneblack, Progression, Wombraider, Last Excuse
15-Toronto, ON @ Siesta Nouveaux 15 Lower Sherbourne Ave. W/ Endo, Direct Approach, Angry Days, and Black Faxes

16-Buffalo, NY @ Sugar City 19 Wadsworth St. W/ Lemuria and Inerds
17-Syracuse, NY @ 1003 East Fayette St. 6 pm W/ White Guilt, Shoppers, and Empty Threat.
18 Day - New York City @ ABC No Rio 3 pm. W/ 1913 Massacre, EEN Wolves
18 Night - Brooklyn, NY @ Stolen Sleeves Collective. 538 Johnson Ave. W/ Death First, Black Wing, and 1 TBA

Info on show as we get them.